Radio Killer Productions

Artist Tyler D. Schwarz
Learning and growing.
This is a video of a walk through where you can get a taste of what it looks like with a raw understanding, Enjoy
This is the KirkBride Tower, wow
From The Underground Up With Kev Hutch
Independent Standpoints on Music in the Hip Hop Nation.
Dont let the cover fool you, Check out these names
Starring: Kev Hutch, The Jungle Brothers,
Roc Raida, Killah Priest, M-Eighty, 
Kool Dj Red Alert, Sdeardo, Lord Sear,
Dj Boogle Blind, Thirstin Howl The 3rd, 
Seti Amun Ra Jakada, Bobbito Garcia,

Directed and Produced by Kev Hutch
Filmed by E,A, Moore & Tyler D. Schwarz
Narrated By Dj Big O 

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Independent artist Tyler D. Schwarz

Undergorund up with kev Hutch
Sound track is sweet, i sold my first with confidence and ease; more bio soon.

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Radio Killer Productions
Poetry Breeding Life To Film

Streams of Consciousness is a film that opens new realms and a new approach to film making. A revolutionary concept is proposed in the making of this underground gem - a film with no rules, no script, no pre conceived ideas of where it should lead, an experiment, but a simple, yet profound idea - Allow the camera to roam as the mind; Create dialogue art on the spot; created past times, only learning ones limits of a real, but colorful way; say "Streams of Consciousness". 

Created with an extremely minimalist budget, it will undoubtedly become a Underground Classic.  Zappa Kaufmann and Tyler Schwarz, are better described as an experience; poets word captures the ear, this film captures the eyes, spirit, and Mind. Star this:) Rated R" for, Young Artist.  Enjoy 
Editor Tyler D. Schwarz

For the Hustle
Home of  Tyler D. Schwarz Independent Visual and audio artist.
More Popular works Include: Emanon; Psychosemantic Oprea 
This CD is pack with experimental mind blowing audio with music and screams out greatness in are time and age :)
Produced by Zappa Kaufmann 
1. Breakfast for you head
2. The Teen Asylum Film Illustration
3. Radio Killer [Through the Stargate Dreamway]
4. Psychedelic Affair of the Lords
5. Beethoven: Sonata No. 14 in C Sharp Minor op. 27/2
6. Flounders's Odyssy
7. Dark Nylon Breakfast Theatre 
8. The Rhapsody In Crystalline Blue
9. The Pink Flamingo Waltz
10. A Symphonic Enchantment for your Viewing Pleasure
11. Psychedelic Slime Creatures from Outer Space 9
12. For Those who Stand Long. . .
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Schwarz Art 
This is going to be yet another Cult Classic hit, and im no Crap from beginning to end you will feel as if you where actually on a Journey, the CD was made to please every one, and i am positive you will be inspired Instramentaly when i say this Emanon CD is a gem.   Tyler D. Schwarz
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All Prints 11 by 17  Card stock
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All Prints 11 by 17  Card stock
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All Prints 11 by 17  Card stock
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